JPICH/JHEP Joint Pilot Call for Research Proposals

In January 2013, the JPI Cultural Heritage launched its first Joint Pilot Call for Research Proposals in Cultural Heritage. Thirteen of the JPICH member countries participated in providing funding for the Call, using a virtual common pot model. Proposals were sought under four topic headings:

1. Methods, tools (including non-invasive instruments) and modelling for understanding damage and decay mechanisms (including the effects of weathering and climate change) on tangible heritage (including buildings, sites and landscapes);

2. Materials, technologies and procedures for the conservation of tangible cultural heritage;

3. Use and re-use of buildings and landscapes, including the relationship between changes of use and public policy, including costs and added value (for example as a result of planning regulations and urban development);

4. Increasing understanding of cultural values, valuation, interpretation, ethics and identity around all forms of cultural heritage (tangible, intangible and digital heritage).

After an extensive peer review process, ten successful projects were selected for funding. These projects adress topics ranging from heritage values to rising damp, cultural heritage in landscape to waterlogged archaeological wood and the sustainable management of historic urban centres to decay mechanisms in pigments and binders for painting. The ten successful projects are listed in full below.


Project TitleAcronymCountries
Heritage Values NetworkH@VUK, Netherlands, Norway, Spain
Ageing Study of Treated Composite Archaeological Waterlogged ArtifactsArCoNorway, Denmark, France, Italy
Cultural Heritage in LandscapeCHeriScapeUK, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Spain
Effectiveness of Methods Against Rising Damp in BuildingsEMERISDABelgium, Italy, Netherlands,
Kinetics of Salt Crystallisation Damage in Historic MasonryKISADAMAItaly, Belgium, Netherlands,
A Sustainable Future for the Historic Urban CoreSHUCNetherlands, UK, Ireland
Values and Valuation as Key Factors in Protection, Conservation and Contemporary Use of HeritageSMARTVALUEPoland, Lithuania, Italy, Slovenia
Technologies and Tools for the Beneficial Diagnosis and Preservation of Tangible Cutltural HeritageTANGIBLECyprus, Italy, France, Spain
Monitoring Dynamic Network for Existing Structures of Concrete Cultural PatrimonyREDMONESTSpain, France, Italy, Belgium
Induced Decay and Ageing Mechanisms in Paintings: Focus on Interactions between Lead and Zinc White and Organic MaterialLeadARTFrance, Netherlands, Italy, Cyprus, Luxembourg


The first of the projects kicked off in November 2013 and the latest to finish will complete its work in January 2017.

At the Heritage Portal, we've asked each project team to fill out a factsheet, with a short project summary and some basic facts and figures about their research. We'll be adding these to the site one at a time over the coming weeks as each new project is profiled.

All factsheets attached as PDFs under 'Related Files' below.




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