Conserving mosaics from ancient to modern

13th ICCM Conference. Barcelona. 15-20 October 2017.

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The 13th Conference of the International Committee for the Conservation of Mosaics (ICCM) will be held in Barcelona, October 15-20, 2017, at the invitation of the Barcelona Archaeological Service, a municipal body of the Institut de Cultura - Barcelona City Council, with support from the Getty Foundation.

The location:

Barcelona, located on the Mediterranean coast, is the capital of Catalonia and a city with great cultural and economic potential in the Mediterranean. With a marked focus on innovation but without losing sight of its own history and traditions, in recent decades Barcelona has been transformed into a cosmopolitan city with an undeniable global influence.

Barcelona offers excellent and varied services, including local and international transportation, and housing - hostels for students and a wide range of hotels. On the other hand, the mild weather and unique heritage make it an ideal venue for the event.

The conference is intended for conservators, restorers, archaeologists, art historians and other professionals who work in the public or private sector in the field of mosaic conservation. The conference also welcomes students and recent graduates.

Within the framework of mosaic production, in addition to fine examples of the Greek and Roman mosaic tradition - such as the Empúries archaeological site or the recently excavated Roman mosaics in la Sagrera, in the city of Barcelona - Catalonia has a large range of Art Nouveau mosaics dating from the early 20th century.

In Barcelona, we find mosaics in the most unexpected corners of the city. Examples include the Santa Creu I Sant Pau Hospital or the Palau de la Música with an extensive collection of top-level Art Nouveau mosaics. Besides, various mosaic works can be found in shops, residences, markets or other pubic and private buildings, providing examples of the varied applications of the mosaic technique. The Barcelona conference aims to demonstrate the diversity in the technique and function of mosaics from ancient to modern and contemporary times.


The Conference will be held at El Born Centre de Cultura i Memòria.

The theme:

WHAT COMES TO MIND WHEN YOU HEAR MOSAIC? Conserving mosaics from ancient to modern

With this question, we aim to engage in a debate about the materials and techniques used in an artistic and functional expression that architecture has incorporated in all its varied forms: pavements, murals, roofs; for both interiors and exteriors. Used as a decorative technique, we find mosaics in a wide variety of spheres, which the conference aims to promote and disseminate. Because it is not just tesserae mosaics or the Roman opus sectile that defines our heritage; or pebble pavements, the oldest and most traditional kind.

Now, we would like to highlight Art Nouveau mosaics, with the incorporation of the trencadís technique, as well as other less known techniques. The idea is also to debate about the introduction of materials produced in the 20th century - natural cements and Portland cement - the production of hydraulic mosaics, Nolla mosaics and more. All of this, of course, with an eye to their appreciation, conservation and dissemination.

In addition, papers are invited to address the following sub-themes: Methods of survey and documentation; Conservation and management of mosaics; Presentation and display; Education and training; Best practice case studies.

Poster Session:

A poster session will be organized at the same venue and will be open to the public. Participants are invited to submit a short abstract (no more than 200 words) for their poster presentation before February 15th 2017.

Video Session:

Mosaic Conservation in Action: Record Your Story - Share It for Impact

For the first time in the tradition of ICCM Triennial Meetings, a VIDEO SESSION will be organized dedicated to video documents related to the theme of mosaics in the widest sense. Manufacturing, art and significance, conservation, presentation, education, best practice will be the topics accepted in this session. Videos will be projected during the time of the meeting in a dedicated space close to the conference hall. A jury made of the members of the scientific committee will select the best video and a special award will be given to the best videos presented.

Participants are invited to submit a short abstract (a description, no more than 200 words) for their contribution before January 15th 2017, and a low quality (preview) version of their video by May 20th 2017.

Language and Translation:

The official languages of the conference will be Catalan, English and Spanish. Simultaneous translation in Spanish and English will be provided. Translation into Arabic will also be available.

Papers and posters will be accepted only in English for presentation and publication.

Presentations :

Presentations will be limited to 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes discussion. Guidelines will be sent in due course to the authors whose papers, posters and videos have been accepted for presentation.

Conference visits and tours:

There will be organised afternoon visits to Roman Sant Honorat Domus and Avinyò Domus (Museu d'Història de Barcelona) Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau and Palau de la Música and one full day excursion to the Greco-Roman archaeological site of Empúries and the city of Girona. In addition, an optional two day post-conference tour will be offered at an extra charge.

Organising Committee:

The conference is organised by the ICCM in collaboration with and under the auspices of the Servei d'Arqueologia de Barcelona, a municipal body of the Institut de Cultura - Barcelona City Council. The members of the organizing committee are: Roberto Nardi, President of ICCM, Centro di Conservazione Archeologica, Roma; Carles Vicente, Director of Memòria i Història - Institut de Cultura de Barcelona (ICUB); Josep Pujades, head of archaeological interventions - Servei d'Arqueologia de Barcelona/ICUB and Montserrat Pugès, head of heritage interventions - Servei d'Arqueologia de Barcelona/ICUB.

Scientific Committee:

  • Roberto Nardi, ICCM President, Centro di Conservazione Archeologica, Roma;
  • Stefania Chlouveraki, ICCM Vice-President, Technological Educational Institute of Athens;
  • Demetrios Michaelides, ICCM President Emeritus, University of Cyprus;
  • Gaël de Guichen, ICCM Honorary President, ICCROM;
  • Anne-Marie Guimier-Sorbets, Affiliated Member AIEMA Representative, Université de Paris Ouest-Nanterre;
  • Stefano De Caro, Affiliated Member ICCROM Representative, Director-General, ICCROM;
  • Jeanne Marie Teutonico, ICCM Secretary, The Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles.
  • John Stewart, ICCM Treasurer, the English Heritage, London;
  • Evelyne Chantriaux, ICCM Board Member, Atelier de Restauration de Mosaïques et d'Enduits Peints de Saint-Romain-en-Gal;
  • Aïcha Ben Abed, ICCM Board Member, MOSAIKON Regional Co-ordinator;
  • Alessandro Lugari, ICCM Board Member, Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Roma;
  • Hicham Rguig, ICCM Board Member, Curator of the Archaeological site of Chellah; 7
  • Komait Abdallah, ICCM Board Member, former director of the Scientific Laboratories at General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums of Syria;
  • Montserrat Pugès, head of heritage interventions. Servei d'Arqueologia de Barcelona/ICUB
  • Kusi Colonna-Preti, external collaborator of Servei d'Arqueologia de Barcelona.
  • Sílvia Llobet, external collaborator of Servei d'Arqueologia de Barcelona.

Abstracts & Submission:

The deadline for submission of the abstracts is February 15th, 2017.

Abstracts (no more than 200 words) should include full name, affiliation, and contact details (postal and email addresses, phone and fax numbers). If there is more than one author, please indicate the corresponding author. The abstracts should clearly state how the theme of the conference will be addressed.

Authors will be contacted in April 2017, about acceptance of their papers, posters and videos for presentation at the conference.

Registration Form:

The expression of interest form should be completed and submitted online, by February 28th, 2017, using the registration form at ICCM website

Registration Fees and Deadlines:

  • Early Registration: 260€ February 28th, 2017
  • Late Registration: 320€ October 16th, 2017
  • Student Registration: 120€ October 16th, 2017
  • Accompanying guest: 140€ October 16th, 2017

Online payment will be available from January 2017 at:

NB: full or partial support might be available for a limited number of participants. Those interested should send their request together with a CV to Stefania Chlouveraki:

Accommodation :

Negotiations are under way with a number of hotels for special discount prices. Information on the recommended hotels will be sent in the Second Circular. Participants will be responsible for making their own reservations and payments.

Further Information:

A draft of the conference programme, information on hotels, and tour itineraries will be provided in the Second Circular, expected by February 15th 2017.

Information will also be posted on the ICCM website, at


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For further information, please see

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