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Paintings on copper (and other metal plates): Production, degradation and conservation issues

The international symposium, 'Paintings on copper (and other metal plates). Production, degradation and conservation issues' is organized jointly by the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) , Subdirección de Conservación, Restauración e Investigación IVC+R de CulturArts Generalitat Valenciana and Universitat de València (UV) will be held at the UPV next 27th and 28th January 2017. This conference will provide a forum to conservators-restorers, conservation scientists, art historians and related professionals to discuss issues such as:

  • Historical and artistic aspects of the production of paintings on metal plate.
  • Characterization of materials present in paintings on copper and other metal plates.
  • Interaction between paint films and metal substrates. Influence on the stability of paintings.
  • Degradation of paintings on metal plate. Common alterations and degradation mechanisms.
  • Conservation treatment of paintings on metal plates. Ethical and aesthetic dilemmas. Limitations of common conservation treatments traditionally used in easel paintings. Latest research.
  • Display, handling, transport and storage of paintings on metal plate. Guidelines for their preservation to minimize degradation.
  • Case studies related to the themes of the symposium.

PROGRAM. Friday 27th, January 2017



9.20-10.00 Keynote speech: "Paintings on copper supports: an overview of their conception, creation and conservation" Isabel HOROVITZ, The Painting Conservation Studio (London , UK)

10.00-10.30 "The Spanish connection. The making and trade of Antwerp paintings on copper in the 17th century" Jørgen WADUM, Centre for Art Technologial Studies and Conservation CATS (Copenhaguen, Denmark)

10.30-11.00 COFFEE BREAK

11.00-11.30 "Reconstruction of a late sixteenth century painting on a copper support: Hendrick van Balen's 'Adoration of the Shepherds' from the Fitzwilliam Museum" Alison STOCK, City & Guilds of London Art School (London, UK)

11.30-12.00 "Preparation techniques and their impact on the conservation of copper paintings" Nico BROERS, Ècole Saint Luc (Liège, Belgium)

12.30-13.00 "Chemical, physical and mechanical decay procedures in oil painted copper objects" Lydia C. PAVLOPOLOU, Freelance conservator (Athens, Greece)

13.00-14.30 LUNCH

14.30-15.00 "Silvered" copper plates: A study of material, technique and function of a rare metal support for paintings" Anne SCHMID, Fondation Beyeler (Basel, Switzerland)
15.00-15.30 "Painting on metal plate in the 19th century: Pérez Villaamil and his 'Vistas Monumentales' (Dyptic, oil on tinplate)". Lucía MARTINEZ, Museo del Prado (Madrid, Spain)

15.30-16.00 "Explorations for consolidants and infill materials for oil paintings on copper: a summary of Master's Thesis work by Leonora Oliveira and Daniel Vega at Universidade Nova de Lisboa" Leslie CARLYLE, Universidad Nova Lisboa (Lisbon, Portugal)

16.00-16.45 COFFEE BREAK


16.45-17.00 "An insight into the film forming properties of oil paint films in copper paintings and their response to environmental oscillations" Laura FUSTER-LÓPEZ, Universitat Politècnica de València (Valencia, Spain)

17.00-17.15 "A Saint Jerome after Palma il Giovane: artistic invention and the practice of painting on copper in the age of printmaking" Roxane SPERBER (Andrew Mellon Fellow in Painting Conservation at the Worcester Art Museum, USA), Anna KOOPSTRA (Simon Sainsbury Curatorial Assistant, Paintings before 1500 at the National Gallery London, UK)

17.15-17.30 "Creating An Enduring Image: An investigation into the materials and techniques of Scipione Pulzone's Portrait of Cardinal Antoine Perrenot de Granvelle (1576, oil on copper, 81.7cm x 61.6cm, Courtauld Gallery)" Sally HIGGS, Alexander J. NOELLE, Courtauld Institute of Art (London, United Kingdom)

17.30-17.45 "The collection of copper paintings at the Museo de Bellas Artes de Santa Cruz de Tenerife" Antonio MARRERO ALBERTO, Freelance conservator (Tenerife, Spain)

17.45-18.00 "Conservation project of a collection of Flemish copper paintings" Rocío MAGDALENO GRANJA, Mª Auxiliadora GÓMEZ MORÓN, Instituto Andaluz de Patrimonio Histórico (Sevilla, Spain)

18.00-18.15 "Gerard ter Borch: copper versus canvas - a comparison" Susanne STANGIER, Freelance conservator (Guttecoven, The Netherlands)

18.15-18.30 "Three-dimensional modelling of a backboard to support and frame a painting on copper by Carlo Maratti (1625-Rome 1713)" Adelaide IZAT, Jon Allison BREWER, Carlos BAYOD LUCINI, Royal Collection (Windsor, United Kingdom)


PROGRAM. Saturday 28th, January 2017

9.00-9.15 "Metal supports receptors of color, magic incantations and images in the Greco-Roman magic" M. Luisa VÁZQUEZ DE ÁGREDOS-PASCUAL , M. Julia MARTÍNEZ GARCÍA , Universitat de València (Valencia, Spain)

9.15-9.30 "Scientific and technical analysis of copper paintings: some case studies" Mª Francisca SARRIÓ MARTÍN, Inmaculada CHULIÁ BLANCO, Livio FERRAZZA (Subdirección de Conservación, Restauración e Investigación IVC+R de Culturarts-GVA), José Antonio MADRID GARCÍA (Universitat Politècnica de Valencia), Juan PÉREZ MIRALLES (Servicio de Conserva ción y Restauración de Bienes Culturales de la Diputación de Castellón) (Valencia, Spain)
9.30-9.45 "Theoretical and practical considerations on the presence of lead soaps in the degradation of an 18th century oil painting on copperplate" Filip Adrian PETCU, West University of Timişoara (Timişoara, Romania)

9.45-10.00 "Technical and scientific analysis of 18th century copper paintings: "Immaculate conception" and "Madonna with the child" Guillermo MARTÍN QUESADA, Nuria GARCÍA-VALENZUELA PARERA, Luis RODRÍGUEZ-SIMÓN, Universidad de Granada (Granada, Spain)
10.00-10.15 "Conservation project of two 18th century copper paintings from the collection at the Diputación de Valencia" Cristina VÁZQUEZ ALBALADEJO, Adela MURGUI CERVERA, Aida RODA Ciudad, Diputación de Valencia (Valencia, Spain)

10.15-10.30 "Restoration of double-sided painting on copper plate in Lithuanian Art Museum" Ruta KASIULYTE, Lithuanian Art Museum Pranas, Gudynas Restoration Centre (Vilnius, Lituania)

10.30-11.15 COFFEE BREAK

11.15-11.30 "Reassessment of a consolidation treatment: Investigation and conservation of a persistent paint layer delamination on a 19th century tin-plated iron support painting" Christina KAPEUNDL, Anke SCHÄNING, Wolfgang BAATZ, Institute of Conservation-Restoration, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Vienna, Austria)

11.30-11.45 "Signposts from the collection of the Auschwitz-Museum" Gunn PÖLLNITZ, Manfred SCHREINER, Institute of Science and Technology in Art, Academy of Fine Arts (Vienna, Austria)

12.00-13.00 Panel discussion and closing remarks

13.00-15.00 LUNCH (ticket required)

17.00-18.30 VISIT TO SANTOS JUANES CHURCH (ticket required)



Fine Arts Faculty Universitat Politècnica de València Camino de Vera s/n (building 3M) 46022 Valencia (SPAIN)




Early bird (Until November 30th, 2016): Students: 100 € Professionals: 170 €
Standard (From December 1st, 2016): Students: 125 € Professionals: 195 €


Attendance to all sessions
Certificate of attendance
Proceedings Book
Simultaneous translation
Coffee breaks
Evening reception on the 27th


Closing lunch on Saturday 28th (12€)
Visit to Santos Juanes church (5€)
Additional Proceeding Books (25€/each)
(To be purchased through the website)

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For further information, including a PDF download of the symposium programme, please see

Image above: Detail from "Self-portrait" by Rembrandt van Rijn, 1630, Oil on copper, Nationalmuseum Stockholm. Public domain. SourcedviaWikimedia Commons.




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