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Filling the Gaps in Heritage Science research #10


Increasing Access to Tools and Knowledge

December 20, 2016. National Heritage Science Forum.

The tenth and last part of our Filling the Gaps survey is now up!

Since September this year, we have been collecting information about current or recent research, on topics highlighted by the National Heritage Science Strategy as gaps in knowledge and practice.

The 10th survey focuses on increasing access to tools and knowledge amongst and beyond the heritage science community.

To achieve this, the Strategy's evidence report highlighted four priority goals:

  1. improved awareness of existing techniques
  2. better access to analytical facilities, including portable equipment
  3. increased range of facilities for the analysis of organic materials
  4. the need for a directory of services available, type, costs and funding opportunities

Want to help us 'fill in the gaps'? You can add your knowledge of research or initiatives addressing the above via our survey form. The projects in question can be ongoing or completed, published or unpublished, the only criteria is that they started in or after 2009. Feel free to provide as much or as little information as you want - but the more you can contribute, the better a resource we can create.

The other topics in the survey series are still open:

Many thanks for your contributions so far - please share this link widely so we may create a useful resource!

National Heritage Science Forum


For a more detailed introduction/background to the 'Filling the Gaps' project, see this HP post:

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For further information, and updated survey topics, please see

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