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New book on Nanoscience and cultural heritage

Dear colleagues
May we draw your attention on the recent publication of a book dedicated to "Nanoscience and cultural heritage".

Best regards,
The editors
Phillippe Dillmann, Ludovic Bellot-Gurlet, Irène Nenner

Table of contents (10 chapters)

• Foreword
Marcel Van de Voorde

• Introduction
Philippe Dillmann, Ludovic Bellot Gurlet, Irène Nenner

• Lustre and Nanostructures—Ancient Technologies Revisited
Trinitat Pradell,

• Nano-crystallization in Decorative Layers of Greek and Roman Ceramics
Philippe Sciau

• Natural Nanosized Raw Materials and Sol-Gel Technology: The Base of Pottery Since Millenniums
Philippe Colomban

• Informative Potential of Multiscale Observations in Archaeological Biominerals Down to Nanoscale
Ina Reiche , Aurélien Gourrier

• Some Science Behind the Daguerreotype: Nanometer and Sub-micrometer Realities On and Beneath the Surface
Patrick Ravines, Lingjia Li, Lisa Chan, Rob McElroy

• Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy: Using Nanoparticles to Detect Trace Amounts of Colorants in Works of Art
Federica Pozzi, Stephanie Zaleski, Francesca Casadio, Marco Leona, John R. Lombardi, Richard P. Van Duyne

• From Archaeological Sites to Nanoscale: The Quest of Tailored Analytical Strategy and Modelling
Ludovic Bellot-Gurlet, Philippe Dillmann, Delphine Neff

• Nanoscale Aspects of Corrosion on Cultural Heritage Metals
Philippe Dillmann

• Alkaline Nanoparticles for the Deacidification and pH Control of Books and Manuscripts
Piero Baglioni, David Chelazzi, Rodorico Giorgi, Huiping Xing, Giovanna Poggi

• Confined Aqueous Media for the Cleaning of Cultural Heritage: Innovative Gels and Amphiphile-Based Nanofluids
Nicole Bonelli, David Chelazzi, Michele Baglioni*, Rodorico Giorgi, Piero Baglioni

Philippe Dillmann
Laboratoire Archéomatériaux et Prévision de l'Altération : LMC IRAMAT UMR5060 CNRS et NIMBE UMR3685 CEA/CNRS

SUBMITTED BY: Philippe Dillmann AUTHOR: DillmannORIGINAL PUBLISHED DATE: 6/14/2016