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New online heritage science resource from ICCROM

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Heritage Science

October 13, 2016

ICCROM is pleased to announce the addition of a new web resource to its website.

"Heritage Science" is a data-focused and knowledge-sharing resource dedicated to the cross disciplinary field of heritage science, with a particular orientation towards research that addresses conservation, care and management of cultural heritage.

The web pages include publications, think tank reports, survey findings and interactive data covering topics such as: strategy development, research planning and performance, heritage conservation science employment, literature trends, dissemination, and access to knowledge and services.

These efforts are part of an ongoing initiative that started with the ICCROM 2013 Forum on Conservation Science, a significant 3-day event brought together by 15 partners of excellence worldwide. With this new resource, ICCROM aims to map the capacity of our sector worldwide, and provide baseline information regarding the current needs and challenges of the heritage conservation science field.

To discover more please visit the Heritage Science page


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