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SOStierra2017, International Conference on Vernacular Earthen Architecture, Conservation and Sustainability, is organized in the framework of the SOStierra project: “Restoration and rehabilitation of traditional earthen architecture in the Iberian Peninsula. Guidelines and tools for a sustainable intervention” (Ref.: BIA2014-55924-R) funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

The conference will take place on 14th, 15th and 16th September 2017, at the School of Architecture of the Universitat Politècnica de València. Associated to SOStierra2017 Conference, ResTAPIA 2017, 3rd Conference on Rammed Earth Conservation, and VerSus 2017, 3rd Conference on Lessons from Vernacular Heritage for Sustainable Architecture, will be organized.

In addition to the presentation of selected papers and posters, the SOStierra2017 program includes also keynote lectures delivered by international experts on the conference’s topics.

The Universitat Politècnica of València invites all the academics and professionals interested in the subject to present their contributions to SOStierra2017 conference either as paper or as poster. Those who are interested in presenting a paper or a poster at the conference should submit an abstract of 300 words, with title, name and affiliation of the authors. Abstracts and papers should be written in English; however, the oral presentation may be done either in English or in Spanish. Name and contact data of all authors (company, organization, institution, address, telephone, fax, e-mail) as well as a short CV (100 words) of each author should be submitted together with the abstract. All the abstracts, papers and posters have to follow the templates given by the organization of the conference (available soon).

The contributions should be included in one of the following topics of conference:

Topic 1. Vernacular earthen architecture

T1.1. Study and cataloguing of vernacular earthen architectures
T1.2. Vernacular construction techniques that employ earth
T1.3. Sustainability mechanisms in vernacular earthen architectures

Topic 2. Rehabilitation of vernacular earthen architecture

T2.1. Case studies of vernacular earthen architecture rehabilitations
T2.2. Techniques and materials employed in the rehabilitation of vernacular earthen architectures
T2.3. Studies and sustainability mechanisms in vernacular earthen architecture rehabilitations

Topic 3. Contemporary earthen architecture 

T3.1. Case studies of contemporary earthen architectures
T3.2. Techniques and materials used in the construction of contemporary earthen architectures
T3.3. Contemporary earthen architecture and sustainability

Topic 4. Restoration of monumental earthen architecture
3rd ResTapia 
(International Conference on Rammed Earth Conservation)

T4.1. Study and cataloguing of monumental rammed earth architectures in the Iberian Peninsula
T4.2. Study and cataloguing of monumental earthen architectures
T4.3. Techniques and materials employed in the restoration of monumental earthen architectures

Topic 5. Lessons from vernacular heritage for a sustainable contemporary architecture
3rd VerSus (International conference on vernacular heritage, sustainability and earthen architecture)

T5.1. Study and cataloguing of vernacular architectures
T5.2. Sustainability mechanisms in vernacular architectures
T5.3. Conservation and restoration of vernacular architectures
T5.4. Application of sustainability lessons from vernacular heritage to contemporary architectures

Topic 6. Structural analysis of vernacular architecture

T6.1. Non-destructive testing, inspection and structural monitoring
T6.2. Structural repair and strengthening techniques
T6.3. Analytical and numerical approaches
T6.4. Seismic behavior and retrofitting

Awards will be given by the scientific committee for the best paper of each topic, for the best poster and one special mention for students’ contribution.

Among the abstracts presented until October 1st 2016 the International Scientific Committee will peer review and select the contributions to the conference, both for 15 min oral presentations and for posters to display. All the accepted contributions will be published in the conference proceedings book with ISBN, provided that at least one author for each paper will pay the inscription to the conference. Two contributions by the same author should correspond to the payment of two separate inscription fees.

The Organizing Committee of SOStierra 2017 | 3rd ResTAPIA | 3rd VerSus is pleased to inform that CRC/Balkema, Taylor & Francis group will publish the proceedings of the conference. Due to the high standards of the international publication, the Organizing Committee requests the authors to be rigorous following the format instructions and invites all the participants to consider the key deadlines published on this site because papers received after the deadlines will not be included in the proceedings.

All the images must be in jpg or tiff format with a resolution of 300 ppi. All abstracts, papers and posters will follow the conference templates.

CONTACT: Laboratorio de Investigación, Restauración y Difusión del Patrimonio Arquitectónico (IRP)

TELÉFONO: +34 963877971

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