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What is the Heritage Portal?

The Heritage Portal is a free online resource for everyone in the Cultural Heritage community. It is an initiative of the JPI on Cultural Heritage on Global Change (JPICH). You can find out lots more about the Heritage Portal, the JPICH and how it all works over at our About Us section.

Who can become a member of the Heritage Portal?

Anyone who has a professional or personal interest in Cultural Heritage - tangible, intangible and digital - is welcome to sign up as a Heritage Portal member. The site has a strong research focus, and those of you who may be involved in carrying out research in areas related to Cultural Heritage are encouraged to use this as a forum for publishing findings, generating awareness of your research topic, and contacting other members via the online forums.

Sound's great. How do I sign up?

Signing up couldn't be simpler. You can create a new Heritage Portal login if you prefer. You can also sign in using your existing Facebook or LinkedIn details if that makes life easier for you. Simply follow the steps here.

Will I have access to the 'members only' area of the site straight away?

All new membership requests must be approved by an administrator. This protects everyone in the community from spam accounts. We'll try to approve your request straight away but with international time differences, holidays etc etc, it may take a little longer than we'd like. Thanks in advance for your patience!

I'm signed in and I can see all the 'members only' content, but I can't see these Forums of which you speak. What's going on?

Ah, yes. That's because the Forums are currently - and temporarily - turned off while we figure out a couple of minor technical issues. They'll be back very very soon. We promise. The Forums are a wonderful resource for anyone who's actively engaged in research or practice around Cultural Heritage topics and we want to make sure that they are the best they can be, to make it easier for all of you to connect, chat and discuss.



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